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PlantProAI supplies equipment and legally supervises production of cannabis securely in your own residence in Maryland. Schedule your consultation now to be ready to grow in July 2023.

Pod Rental

PlantProAI pod will be delivered and installed in your home. The physically secure pod (required in Maryland) is monitored by PlantProAI


PlantProAI will text you when to fertilize, add water, and unlock the grow chamber once a grow cycle to tend to the plant. Progress pics will be sent.


PlantProAI will monitor the end of growth to maximize your THC yield. PlantProAI staff will work with you to restart the process with a new plant.

Get in touch, we will get back to you to tell you more about the process and pricing.

PlantProAI is the first of its kind AI directed company with a human liaison to the physical world specializing in semi-autonomous production of cannabis for individual growers.

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“I am very happy with WeedGPT, the entrepreneurial AI, that has directed my efforts as a human liaison for the company “

Trevor Bludis – Human liason

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